West Hamilton Community Church 



Our self-understanding as a part of "the one, holy, catholic (i.e. universal) and apostolic Church" is best understood from our statements of Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission:

To build God's Kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit. This statement draws upon Jesus' great commission as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20 and Acts 1:6-11.

It is the mission of the whole Church. West Hamilton Community Church understands itself as but one of many partners in that mission.

Our Vision:

Christ-centred, biblical, vibrant and growing.

We are committed to be a church in the local community. We value being a family in which the pastoral team knows every member and can care for them. As we grow in size we will plant new congregations rather than lose the intimacy of fellowship that the parish model affords. At the same time, we are committed to being faithful followers of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible, and of his teaching.


Pastor - Michael Hewat

Pastoral Care - Gary Evans 

Homegroups - Gary Evans & Hilda-Marie Slatter

Music - Stephen Barker

Service to the Community - Diana Brown

Mission Support Team - Moira Jones

Resources - Gary Evans & Helen McAuliffe

Parish Administrator - Kathy Barker

Sparklers and The Zone - Tracy Hankins & Annaliese Sutherland

Senior Youth - Kimberley Hewat

Treasurer - Helen McAuliffe

Recorder - Lynda Tarrant